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What are Analytical techniques
Analytical techniques are procedures or a methods how to analyse some problem, status or some fact.

An analytical technique (analytical method) is a procedure or a method for the analysis of some problem, status or a fact. Analytical techniques are usually time-limited and task-limited. They are used once to solve a specific issue. Opposed to management methods that affect management of the organization in a longer term.

In practice there are used a lot of quite simple analytical techniques that managers and analysts use during normal work. Often without naming it somehow. For such techniques, it is often enough just a system of “paper-pencil,” or general office equipment. They are based primarily on the experience of the person who uses them. There are also a number of specialized analytical techniques, which are overwhelmingly based on some mathematical model or which require certain equipment or tools.

Basic and most widely used analytical methods / techniques include:

Organizations are complex systems and therefore their needs are satisfied using different system analysis methods and enterprise architecture description methods:

These analytical techniques and methods are used for analysis and evaluation of an organization management:

Analytical techniques for searching the causes of negative phenomena in organizations and systems:

For solving various problems in the organization, there are different methods of decision making methods used such as:

There are also a variety of simulation and optimization methods, whose object is a calculation of possible developmental variants while creating operational and strategic plans:

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Last update: 14.02.2017


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