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What are Administrative skills
Administrative skills are those skills that are needed to perform administrative, clerical activities.

Administrative skills are those skills that are needed to perform administrative, clerical activities.

Most adminitrative workers - people who usually work behind a computer somewhere in the office, require a basic set of skills and abilities. These skills are universal across different sectors and types of companies. It doesn’t matter if the administrative worker works in industry, bank, trade or in the office. The set of administrative skills is nearly the same.

Which adminitrative workers needs administrative skills?

Here are some examples of the most common administrative jobs:

  • Office manager
  • Head of secretariat
  • Secretary or assistant manager or director
  • Receptionist
  • Clerk

What are typical administrative skills?

  • Administrative skills

    • Creating and maintaining records
    • Archiving documents and information, shredding
    • Handling and organizing official controls
    • Presentation of numerical data
    • Work with information
  • Communication skills

    • Communication skills
    • Handling and answering incoming calls
    • Business and letter correspondence
    • Employee relations
    • Writing to all ten
    • Record keeping
    • Interpersonal relationships
    • Teamwork
  • Computer and technological skills

    • Work with computer
    • Work with office software, especially excel, creating presentations
    • Work with e-mail, fax and other communication programs
    • Work with Internet
    • Work with registration and other business applications
    • Printer and scan control
    • Work with video conferencing technologies
  • Organizational and planning skills

    • Arranging and organizing meetings, appointment settings
    • Accuracy and precision
    • Attention to detail
    • Work with calendar
    • Office administration
    • Time management
    • Purchasing negotiations, ordering
    • Arranging trips
    • Organizing documents
    • Organizing emails
  • Solving problems and situations

    • Critical thinking
    • Collaboration with others
    • Assertiveness
    • Decision making
    • Employee relations
    • Search skills

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