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What is Activity report
Activity report is an overview of the worker's activities over a period of time, it shows specific tasks, activities, assignments, projects, and so on that has been done.

Activity report is an overview of the worker’s activities over a period of time, it shows specific tasks, activities, assignments, projects, and so on that has been done. Its purpose is to provide a detailed overview of what a particular worker has been doing. The activity report can take the form of, for example, a monthly written report, or just an oral summary of the person’s activities during the past day.

Activity report is very similar to timesheet, only it is much more specific to provide more details. Whereas timesheet shows how much time a person has spent on the tasks, activities or projects from a predefined list, activity report contains more detailed breakdown of what the person specifically did.

What for do we use activity reports?

It follows from the above that the activity report is more often used, for example, for invoicing the customer because it contains a detailed breakdown of activities. For example, after repairing a fridge, the repairman will write an activity report and a list of repair material he used. Another example is a car repair service or any other service intervention.

Each item in the activity report is then assessed in money. The work of people might be charged by hourly rate, other items by performance, or, for example, by fixed rate per kilometre to cover the travel expenses.

Thus, the activity report is typically used as the main source for billing.

Activity report finds its usage typically in services, crafts and other fields where the worker needs to prove what specifically he or she had done.

What form can the activity record take?

Usually, activity report takes the form of a table where individual activities or individual days appear in rows. The report may take the form of a paper document, an excel or other spreadsheet document or may be created in an application. Activity reports are frequently built into a web or mobile application, which is very effective since it makes the reports available 24/7, or as part of an attendance software.

The worker keeps record of his or her activities and for each one of them, they give a unit, eg the number of hours spent on working, the number of kilometres traveled, the number of operations performed, and so on. The activity report is typically approved by Superior or customer.

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