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Who is and what does Account manager
The Account manager is the main contact person for a client in a client-oriented company.

The Account manager is the main contact person for a client in a client-oriented company. He/she is the person responsible for the identification and establishment of new business opportunities, ie he/she recognises and signs up new orders and new clients; he/she creates and maintains relationships with existing clients. The key responsibilities of an account manager are sales and the acquisition of new customers, new business cases.

An Account manager in practice: An account manager is not only a sales person who travels from existing customer to potential customer offering them a portfolio of products or services. Instead, he/she is able to independently identify new potential clients, key needs of the market and of concrete customers and find and offer potential solutions. A successful account manager has a good understanding and overview over the market in which he/she operates.

Key job responsibilities of an account manager:

  • Active identification of new business opportunities (acquistion of new customers or clients)
  • Maintenance and development of client relationships
  • Analysis of the competition, Competitive analysis
  • Cooperation in the determination of prices
  • Conclusion of contracts with new clients
  • Presentation of product/service portfolio to clients
  • Needs analysis for existing clients

Key job requirements of an account manager

Required level of education: not defined Certificates: not defined Specialisation: depending on the field of operation Personal characteristics (capabilities, abilities): selling skills, negotiation skills, communicativeness, independence, good argumentation and presentation abilities

Additional, similar business professions:

  • CSO (Chief Sales Officer)
  • Brand manager
  • Sales analyst
  • Country Manager
  • Key Account Manager (KAM)
  • Key Account Executive (KAE)
  • Sales Representative
  • Business Development Manager (BDM)
  • Sales Manager
  • Area Sales Manager (ASM), Regional Sales Manager (RSM)
  • Telesales Operator (TO)
  • Telesales Manager (TM)
  • Product manager

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