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What is 5-M Method
5-M Method is a simple method used to analyze causes and consequences. It is based on five causes.

5-M Method or 5-Factor Method is a simple method of analyzing the causes and consequences (problems) based on five causes.

  • Manpower - causes are in humans, people
  • Machines - causes are in equipment, such as machinery, computers, tools, instruments, technology
  • Materials - causes are in defect or material properties
  • Methods - causes are in the rules, regulations, laws or standards
  • Management - causes are in improper management

Note: Sometimes Measurement is used instead of Management as the fifth cause (causes resulting from improper or poorly chosen measurement)

How and for what to use 5-M Method in practice?

It is a version of the Ishikawa diagram. In the process of determining the causes it is proceed according to Ishikawa. It is a very versatile method that is used to identify causes of risks, inefficiency, poor quality or other problems in business processes or is used for finding problems. To illustrate the causes the fish-bone diagram is used.

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Last update: 12.03.2016


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