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Activity report
Published at: 01/17/2019,
Activity report is an overview of the worker's activities over a period of time, it shows specific tasks, activities, assignments, projects, and so on that has been done.

Task management
Published at: 01/15/2019,
Task management is a managerial activity that involves correct assignment, coordination and control of work through tasks.

Published at: 01/07/2019,
Duration is the time period that is required to complete a task or an activity. It is expressed in units of time - hours, days, weeks, months or years.

Published at: 12/02/2018,
Effort is the amount of time required to complete a task or an activity.

LAC (Lead Acquisition Costs)
Published at: 11/21/2018,
Lead acquisition costs (LAC) are all costs associated with getting one lead, i.e. getting a potential customer.

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