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Francesca Flowers
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Antonio Ferrer
Because of the online job offer I hired new employees so I could start to realize bigger contracts. Great fact also is, I can ask my clients for references here afterwards.
Tony Farrell
Construction Company Owner, San Diego, US
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Francesca Flowers
We have established cooperation with new business partners and been building up our brand on MM. Thanks to that our company has been continuously growing.
Francesca F.
Distribution and sale of flowers, Brugge, Belgium
Sonja Filipi
Online business encyclopedia brings me new knowledge and inspiration for my business every day. I often use the training offers. Life is a movement, and education is its engine.
Sonja Filipi
Business Manager, Paříž, Francie
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What ManagementMania.com has to offer?

Your personal professional profile

Osobní profesní profil

Join a community of managers, experts and students. Build your professional resume on line by using your professional personal links and business contacts. Present your opinions and discuss them with others on the net.

Your gateway to professional business knowledge

Profesionální znalostní business portál

ManagementMania offers a unique base of knowledge for organizations, professionals, entrepreneurs, students and academicians. In one place, you’ll find all information concerning the management and operations of organizations and businesses.

Your company profile

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Link your organisation to an international business network, free-of-charge. Take advantage of the opportunity to seek and create new business opportunities. Managementmania offers you a number of different propagation and branding choices. Connect your enterprise with your business partners!

E-learning, research and analytical tools

E-learningové nástroje

Create a test and check out the knowledge of your employees, students, clients or the broad public. Do you need to conduct a survey, have subjects complete a questionnaire for any reason? ManagementMania lets you create tests and surveys simply and quickly, online.

Job Market

Job market

Looking for job? Find new talents or employees for your project or company using our new job market feature. Find More

Solutions for seminar, workshop and event registration

Event M - řešení pro registrace na školení a akce

Our service Event M can take care of the entire registration process for your training sessions, seminars, conferences; starting with the sale of tickets, payment details and reservations all the way up to printing agendas and attendance sheets.

Marketing tools

Marketingové nástroje

Promote your services, products, seminars or other events on the Business Encyclopaedia of ManagementMania. By linking your news with relevant contents you can show it to just the right target group.

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Reach your customers with ads on ManagementMania. Try our simple Pay-Per-Click campaigns, pay only for real clicks.

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Mobile Solutions: Business Dictionary

Business Dictionary by ManagementMania. More than 2000 business terms.

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