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Vasudha Earthing
Personal Rank 1
Project Manager | company

Curriculum Vitae - Vasudha Earthing

Project Manager | company
Současné zaměstnání: company
Elektrotechnický průmysl


An ESE air terminal is a cutting-edge external lightning protection system, sometimes referred to as an ionising lightning rod or an Early Streamer Emission air terminal. The active lightning rod moniker applies to this Kalre Ese Lightning Rods as well.

The lightning strike first passes via a downward leader that spreads in any direction in a series of jumps. The bolt can strike any item as it gets closer to the ground. The lightning rod's goal is to serve as the lightning bolt's discharge point to provide a controlled impact with no damage.

To foresee the descent of lightning and capture it before any other item inside its protection area, the ESE air terminal continuously releases an upward leader with a time of the advance.