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Touchtone Bi
Personal Rank 3
Touchstone BI Touchstone BI | Touchstone

Curriculum Vitae - Touchtone Bi

Touchstone BI Touchstone BI | Touchstone
Současné zaměstnání: Touchstone BI
Informační a komunikační služby a průmysl (ICT)


"Touchstone Business Intelligence (BI) knows that in order for a modern business to be successful they have to be a data-led company.

Thanks to the technology and online tools that we have at our disposal today, business-related data is rapidly increasing in volume, velocity and veracity. Today’s challenge is about gathering, processing and exploiting this data at speed, and doing so accurately, reliably and consistently.

Using TimeXtender, the data estate builder, Touchstone BI helps our customers harness their data and empower them to make better business decisions."

Touchstone BI